Joyful Me


I am loved, and I am a lover; therefore I am successful.

I’ve never liked doing About Me’s because, somehow, it feels like I’m bragging on myself, and I don’t like bragging about anything…except for my kids.  But I also can’t stand not knowing anything about other people I follow, so here’s about me…

First and foremost I am a lover of God and strive to love Him with my life.  I am also a 30-year-old and a college graduate.  I only changed my major once from print journalism to early childhood education with an emphasis on special education.  I had just finished my Associate’s right before moving to another city to become a youth pastor with my husband and finding out that we were pregnant with our first baby.  That was 7 years and 5 kids ago.  And while I still haven’t finished my formal education, I am filling the roles of home school teacher and writer…as well as wife, mommy, musician, worship leader, and Premier Designs Jewelry lady.

Except for those 2 years in ministry, I’ve lived in my home town my entire life.  It’s small, but trendy, and there’s no other place I would want to raise my family.  I married my first love, Jason Graham.  We weren’t high school sweethearts because he graduated before I even started high school, but he’s been my One and Only.

I am a mommy to 5 children…Judah Aaron (6), Arabella Jada (5), Justice River (3), Arianna Joy (whom we never got to meet), and Josiah James (our baby).  I fill many different roles, none as difficult as being a wife and a stay-at-home mom, but there’s also none as rewarding.  Through all the dreams I’ve had growing up, having a family was always my top priority.  My husband and my kids are my life, and will always be.  I am extremely blessed to be living my life-long dream of being a wife and a mommy, and getting to pursue my other passions as well.

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