Healing Rain

Sometimes tears are the healing rain

This day has done a number on me.  I’m pretty sure my nerves found their breaking point.  So I sit here with my heart breaking and tears falling…sometimes tears are the healing rain; I pray that they are tonight.

Tears are falling down tonight

My heart breaking wide open

I seemed to have lost my sight

But still I am hoping

That the tears that I am crying

Will bring what I need

Death can stop its dying

Life is imparted to me

A few of my favorite things

The smell of rain* waves crashing on my toes* watching the birds outside my window* Judah’s hand on my face* the sun on my back* the wind on my face* Jason’s hand on the small of my back* the taste of homemade vanilla ice cream* the smell of lilies* reading a book in bed during a rainstorm* the feeling I get after watching a good movie* the baby smell* the sunrise* the sunset* a rainbow* any kind of baby animal* the smell of clean linen* the warmth of Jason’s body when I’m cold at night* the pair of doves that nest in our yard* floating in water while I’m pregnant* the smell of oranges* Judah’s voice in the morning* Kyle* Kayla* Keri*Jacob* holding hands with my husband* the sound of Christmas morning at my mom and dad’s house* driving in the car with really good music and really good friends* the smell of coffee* staying up late at camp* coming home to a clean house* looking up at the stars on a clear summer night* the smell of a swimming pool in the summer* sharing girl moments with my sister while in the hot tub* sitting in my daddy’s lap* the phone call with my mom every day* waiting for Jason at the door when he comes home* the way my brother-in-law looks at my sister* white billowy clouds in a beautiful blue sky* laughing with my baby brother*Arabella’s hair*Judah’s eyes* Justice face* jamming with Brandon*walking along the shoreline*the way Judah says “Sis Sis”*the way Justice squeals at Judah and Bella*the way they all laugh together* how excited they get over simple things* the way they squeeze in between me & Jason when we hug* and how generous they are with their loving affection…these are a few of my favorite things…may they keep my heart ever turned towards you God, for you are in everything


I woke up this morning to quietness, and as I walked through the house and pulled open the curtains, I discovered that it was raining a quiet little rain. So I smiled to myself and thought, “How perfect.” I love the rain; it’s so necessary. It’s just what I needed today. Because, though the sky is grey with no sign of the sun, and everything is drooping under the weight of wetness, I sense the beauty and nearness of spring. Winter is making way for the beauty to come, and I can already feel the warmth of the sun.

Rain is beautiful; rain is clean.

Rain is refreshing; rain means Spring.

Flowers blooming; the grass is green.

Leaves returning; birds will sing.

The sun will shine on everything;

It’s life-giving light conquering.

Rain precedes things foreseen;

A picture of peace, so serene.