I woke up this morning to quietness, and as I walked through the house and pulled open the curtains, I discovered that it was raining a quiet little rain. So I smiled to myself and thought, “How perfect.” I love the rain; it’s so necessary. It’s just what I needed today. Because, though the sky is grey with no sign of the sun, and everything is drooping under the weight of wetness, I sense the beauty and nearness of spring. Winter is making way for the beauty to come, and I can already feel the warmth of the sun.

Rain is beautiful; rain is clean.

Rain is refreshing; rain means Spring.

Flowers blooming; the grass is green.

Leaves returning; birds will sing.

The sun will shine on everything;

It’s life-giving light conquering.

Rain precedes things foreseen;

A picture of peace, so serene.

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