Justice River

Justice is our baby.  He was born on Pentecost, and we named him Justice River because he will walk in the righteousness of the Lord, and the Holy Spirit will flow from him like a River.  We believe God will use him as His voice for the cause of LIFE.  “But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!” ~Amos 5:24.  Like our other babies, Justice is full of song.  He began singing when he was just hours old and he often sings himself to sleep.  He gets extremely happy when he hears music and mimics us by lifting his hands during worship.  He adores his big brother and sister and is quick to smile and laugh.  He’s tiny, but very strong, and learns at an incredible rate.  From the time he was born he knew who his Mommy was, and he has formed a special bond with me.  He’s a sweet baby and will be a mighty man of God.

Arabella Jada

Arabella is our coveted princess.  She is the little girl that every mother desires.  Her name means beautiful altar, and she was born with the heart of Mary.  She is full of passion and desire and emotion, and is  full throttle all the time.  Whatever emotion she is experiencing, she experiences it in its fullness.  She is either extremely happy, or extremely upset, no in-between, and she has the ability to go from one to the other instantly.  She loves much, and therefore requires much love and affection.  She is tenacious, and I love that about her.  “No” is only temporary to her, she will not give in until she is satisfied.  She is not shy, but fearless.  She is full of song and dance, and she is an encourager to Judah.  She is gorgeous and full of life.  She is our princess, destined to be a queen.

Judah Aaron


Judah means praise.  We named him this proclaiming that he will praise his God.  He came at a special time in our lives.  His due date was 7.7.07, which was the coveted day for all children to be born that year.  So much so that there were countless scheduled c-sections and deliveries, but we decided to let him come on his own time, and he came 10 days later, 7.17.07.  He was so loved and so wanted before he got here, and when he did arrive, he brought an abundance of love and joy.  We believe that he is born with the same heart of worship that Jason and I share, and he is full of music.  He play the drums, guitar, piano, and violin, and does so surprisingly well for his age.  He is full of passion and fire, and he has a gift of seeing and hearing supernaturally.  He is 3 years old now and has a younger brother and sister, and he has proven to be the best big brother.  He has a sweet, leading heart and always looks out for them, and he always seeks to teach them and to share with them.  He is our first-born son, and he is perfect.