Homeschool: Judah starts Kindergarten

Our adventure with Homeschool has begun; Judah started Kindergarten last week! Homeschool is something I’ve always wanted to, and we are loving it!  We are having such a great time, and Judah is doing exceptionally well…and Bella and Justice too.

Judah's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Judah wanted to dress “like Daddy” on his first day of school, meaning he wanted to wear a shirt and tie.  He’s so stickin’ cute!  

  Bella got to participate too.  



Along with our first week of school, we also took our first trip to the library.  The kids loved it!  They each got their own card and checked our their own books.  

And of course we couldn’t leave Justice out!  He wanted in on all the learning fun too.  


 Judah has already had a desire to read and write, so we had already been working with him on these skills for some time.  We are so proud of him and how well he is doing! 

One of the projects he worked on was the Creation Story.  He made a poster out of the numbers 1-7 that told the story of how God created everything.  And Bella made one too.


Judah's Creation poster


Another project Judah is working on is Things God Created vs. Things Made by Men.  He took photos of things in our back yard and is classifying them into 2 categories:  Things God Created and Things Made by Men.  He did such a good job, and he took all the pictures on his own.