My Dream…probably not what you would expect

I’ve just finished reading Prince Caspian,  of the Chronicles of Narnia, to the kids, and in so doing, I’m in a pretty dreamy mood.  So I figure that taking some time to let my mind run away with itself would be the basis of my blog today.

My dream is to live on a farm.  Not what some of you might have guessed, but I would absolutely love farm life.  To wake up to our rooster crowing just at the break of dawn with the birds singing their morning , and the smell of sweet fruit growing from our trees with the sound of water flowing softly close by - that is my dream.  Not anything too big or commercial…just a quaint little property with a cozy home, and plenty of room for all of our gardening needs and all of the adorable animals I want to raise.

I am not unhappy with our current home by any means, or its location.  In fact, I am more than content with all that we’ve been blessed with, but with all the things that God has placed on mine and Jason’s hearts, we are finding ourselves, wanting, more and more, room outside of a subdivision.  I love the house that God has given us.  You would never see it on Million Dollar Homes, and it’s not a mansion by any stretch of the imagination, but it is everything I’ve ever wanted.  (And the story of how God worked everything out for us to get our home is one of my favorites, but you’ll have to read that in an earlier blog.)  If I could just transplant our house onto some land somewhere I would, but alas, I cannot.  We are, by no means, searching for another place to live, but if a nice-size, beautiful piece of land, with some woods and a creek, came available to us…well let’s just say that I would think twice about it, and maybe 3 or 4 more times after that, and then discuss it further with Jason, and then…

I am a farm-girl at heart, and have always been so, mostly due to my love for nature and just about any little (but big too) critter.  Jason’s desires have grown more recently - a true working of the Holy Spirit, I believe, but that will have to be a whole other blog too, and one that maybe should come straight from him.  Nevertheless, we find ourselves on a daily basis thinking, and talking, and planning, for if and when we have more land, and even what we can start doing now with just our 1 acre lot.

So this is what I want…I would like to find about 15 acres (I think, I’m not really a numbers kind of person) nestled in a nice little wood front with a little creek streaming through it.  And perhaps a big, beautiful willow tree just overshadowing the creek, along with plenty of Dogwoods (they’re my favorite) and some Oaks and Maples too.  We’d have all the fresh fruits and vegetables we could ever want right outside our door for picking every day, and all the trees and water would bring the wildlife right to our back door for endless pleasure.  I’d like to start out raising chickens, along with a couple of pygmy goats and a baby pig.  We’d, of course have a dog or two, preferably a Redbone hound and a Weimaraner, and maybe a tomcat roaming the property (but just strictly for mousing and for Bella’s sake…she wants a cat so bad).  And eventually we might add some horses and a cow.  All the animals would be mostly for enjoyment, although they would all serve other useful purposes, and all the produce would just be to provide for our family and sharing with others, not to make a fortune.  So like I said before, nothing too big, just enough to get us and our kids out in the middle of God’s creation and living life the way he intended – abundantly.