Joyful Body

I have learned that an important part of my Journey to Joy is taking care of my physical body.  I am a spiritual being, but within a physical frame, and to neglect any part of my being would deny myself of the abundant life that I was designed to have.

I have had a life-long struggle with fatigue and I know all too well how being tired robs you of every day joy.  It affects every part of me.  Being tired means my mind lacks clarity and I have trouble remembering everything.  It’s hard to focus enough to teach, to write, to practice my instruments, and to basically function.  And it’s no secret that tired people are grumpy people.  When I’m tired is when I’m most impatient and most frustrated.  I’ve noticed that when I’m usually having my worst days, I’m the most tired.

So, I’ve started taking measures to have a healthier life and as such, exercise and eating healthy has become very important to me.  I am learning more every day how to do better and be better and, as I’m on my way to a better me, this will be the place that I share all I learn about health and wellness and what it takes to thrive.