What does my future hold?

So I have let myself lose track of time again.  And once again, I have let too much time pass without writing anything.  Even though I haven’t met it in a long time, I set a little personal goal for myself of writing at least once a week.  Writing is important to me.  I love to do it for many reasons, and I actually use to be fairly good at it.  It started out as my first career choice with print journalism being my first major.  But I quickly learned that it would suit me better to leave writing as something I could just do for enjoyment on the side.  So I changed my major to early childhood education, then more specifically to special education.  Which, in a way, is what I am doing now…I am educating my 3 children (all 5 and under) in a very specialized, one-0n-one style through home school.  But I often wonder, now that life has brought me this far (married, 3 young kids, and possibly more in the future) without having actually completed my formal degree, “Will I ever go back and finish school?”  “And if so, what will I do?”  “Continue with education, or perhaps go back to my first choice of writing?”  “Maybe I could teach writing?”  “What does my future hold?”

These are the thoughts I am thinking as I have a just a few moments of quiet while the kids are napping, and before I must continue with my long list of chores today.

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